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Home | OptiBeam Oct 12, 2015OB1-30 Rotary Dipol 30m Bands 30: Gain (dBd) * 0: Gain (dBi) ** 7.9: F/B (dB) 0: VSWR: 10,100 - 10,125 - 10,150 1,3 - 1,3 - 1,3 Elements (number) 1: Max. Elementlenght (m) 9.24: Turning Radius (m) 4.62: Feedlines (number) 1 Coax 50 Ohm: Weight (kg) 7: Windload at 130 km/h 175 N / 0,22 m² / 2,4 feet² Price *** 479,00 EURThe OBI-40 is a shortened but highly effective rotary dipole for the 40m band. OptiBeam shortwave antennas are designed and optimised by support of modern techniques such as computerized antenna simulation and are finally adjusted by extensive tests in practice.LýsingThe OptiBeam OB9-5 has about 4.3 dbd on 20 meters and about 4.5 to 4.6 dbd on 17-15-12-10 meters, clean patterns and very good SWR. Gain and pattern wise it is situated between a 2 and a 3 element Yagi on all 5 bands. Theoretically it has 2 active elements per band, but due to the multi element structure and the positivePractical installations of OB1-40s above OB11-3s, OB11-5s, OB9-5s etc. Have proven that the multiband Yagi does not suffer at all. On the OB16-3 boom there is not enough space to interlace the OB1-40, with so close nearby elements the OB1-40 even more would become way too low feed point impedance. I hope to have answered your questions. Best 73www.optibeam.de e-rnail: [email protected] Op IBEAM Ansicht Element-Plattform Strahlerelement mit Phasenleitung und Mitten- unterstützung / view element platform driven clement with phaseline and centre support Kofi-Anschlußbuchse S0239 nut Strahler- element und Phasenleitung / view coax connector S0239 with driven element and phaselineeHam.netOB12-6 12 Element Yagi 40-20-17-15-12-10m. unique in the world: 6 bands - no traps - 1 feedline - no tuning - perfect performance. The new version of the OB12-6, even better, even more unbelievable. OB12-6. …Nov 18, 2007[3830] ARRLDX CW Soapbox - lists.contesting.com* = average gain over dipol in free-space / for comparison: 2 el monobander 4 dBd, 3 el 5-6 dBd ** = average gain at 20m above ground (= dBd + 2.15 dB isotropic + about 5 dB ground reflection)Dec 23, 2018mohamma91 | mohamma91 | Page 3eHam.netOptiBeam Tech Tip - DX EngineeringOptiBeam Tech Tip - DX EngineeringDescription: Description: The biggest Yagi in the family of the OptiBeam fivebanders. Performant Yagi designed as interlaced monobanders for 20/15/10m plus high efficient "hidden sleeve element technique" for 17/12m. Loss free broad band OptiBeam driver feed system reqires only one single 50 Ohm coax.The OptiBeam OB1-40 is a 1 element 40m (7MHz) rotary monoband dipole.- Gain: 7.2 dBi; Length: 14.60m; Weight: 11 kgUK Carriage is Willkommen bei OptiBeam. * optimale Kurzwellen-Antennen. * computer-designed / computer-optimiert.Association of Radio Amateurs of SloveniaDescription: Performant yagi designed as stacked monobander for 20/17/15/12/10 with patented feed system. Optimized computer designed German yagi without traps and with full size elements. The OB9-5 has 2 el on 20, 2 el on 17, 2 el on 15, 2 el on 12 and 3 el on 10 meters. Product is in production.OptiBeam OB1-40-P OptiBeam HF Directional Antennas | DX OptiBeam Tech Tip - DX EngineeringIn this manner the prey is quickly disemboweled and dies from blood loss and shock. Wild dogs grab small prey and give the “death shake”, violently shaking the small animal with rapid side to side movements of their head which usually breaks the preys neck or back. They are naturally occurring, evolved in Africa and have maintained their current form for a few hundred thousand years.OB1-4030 Rotary Dipole 40/30m | OptiBeameHam.netOptibeam - OB1-40 - Rotary Dipol 40m - 40. Reference: OB1-40. Condition: New product. Tweet Share Pinterest Print 559,00 € Quantity. Product not deliverable for the moment. OPTIBEAM Manuals - Resource Detail - The DXZone.comOptiBeam OB2-40M-P OptiBeam HF Directional Antennas | DX HAManuals Amateur Radio Manualseb7haf montaje antena 80 mtrs optibeam ob-1-80 plus cw-ssbS50LEA Home PageOB1-80+ 1el / 80m Rotary (SSB+CW) | OptiBeamThe OptiBeam OB1-40 is a 1 element 40m (7MHz) rotary monoband dipole. - Gain: 7.2 dBi; Length: 14.60m; Weight: 11 kg. UK Carriage is included in the price. Description.Feedlines (number) 1 Coax 50 Ohm. Weight (kg) 35. Windload at 130 km/h. 430 N / 0,54 m² / 5,9 feet². Price ***. 1.719,00 EUR.OB11-3 11 Element 3 Band. Max. Elementlength (m) ** = average gain at 20m above ground (= dBd + 2.15 dB isotropic + about 5 dB ground reflection)The part DBO-OB1-40 has an additional shipping charge of $40.00 per item due to its large size and/or weight. Quantity: Sold individually. OptiBeam is the world-renown manufacturer of top-quality HF directional antennas that deliver ultimate performance and lasting value. This accomplishment is …OPTIBEAM ANTENNA - XBS TELECOMOptiBeam antenna models amateur radio. optimum short-wave antennas. computer-designed / computer-optimized. developed by hams for hams. 3 Bander 20-15-10. OB6-3M. 6 Element 3 Band. OB7-3.Solved: The Objective Of This Assignment Is For You To Lea Optibeam - OB1-4030 - Rotary Dipol 40/30m - 40 /30. Reference: OB1-4030. Condition: New product. More details Tweet Share Pinterest Print 779,00 € Quantity. Product not deliverable for the moment. The OptiBeam OB4-40 is the best dual-driven 4 element 40 meter monoband Yagi in the world. It features: •The OptiBeam nearly loss-free high-Q air coil reduces the length of the elements to less than 15 meters (49 ft.) •Complete coverage of the 300 kHz of the 40 meter band with excellent SWR, …HAManuals Amateur Radio ManualsOptiBeam uses this hoist to set SWR, and fudges the gain and F. B. Ratio specs. This first OptiBeam OB18-6 Antenna was disassembled at the factory in Germany, OB1-40 1el / Rotary . OB2-40M 2el Moxon / 5,60 Meter Boom . OB2-40 2el / 5,60 Meter Boom . OB4-40 4el duo driven / 11,90 Meter Boom .Association of Radio Amateurs of SloveniaOptiBeam Tech Tip OptiBeam OB10-5M 10 Element 5 Band Yagi This Tech Tip is from Tom, President of OptiBeam Antenna Technologies, call sign DF2BO, known on the air as DF2BlueOcean. A question came up about using 1200 watts of power with the OB10-15M Yagi aantenna. ===== Absolutely and by far it is no challenge for the OB10-5M to operate using OptiBeam Tech Tip OptiBeam OB9-5HD 9 Element 5-Band Yagi This Tech Tip is from Tom, President of OptiBeam Antenna Technologies, call sign DF2BO, known on the air as DF2BlueOcean. ===== A customer questioned if he could get a manual for the OB9-5HD Antenna Regarding manuals to be e mailed in an electronic form. This unfortunately, is not so easy.Antennas amateur radio | OptiBeamOptibeam | HamCity